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Songbinder - Tales of the Outlaw Mages Book 5

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A quest for redemption leads to a sinister world of dark academia.

Blaise and Jefferson hoped to escape their past's dark shadows, but fate had other plans. An old foe resurfaces, unraveling secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Struggling with guild, Jefferson seeks redemption with his music-mage sister. Meanwhile, an unexpected call to duty propels Blaise to a journey of his own.

Their separate ventures lead both men to a world of dark academia, where ambition intertwines with twisted love. Captured by a deranged alchemist, they become subjects in his warped experiment. Against a backdrop of alchemical machinations, the pair must rekindle their trust.

Love, magic, and melodies collide in a symphony against the twisted designs of their captor. As the cruel experiment reaches its crescendo, will Blaise and Jefferson find a way to orchestrate an escape and face the music of their past? Or will they become victims of the alchemist’s chilling finale?

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